Reactive Steel Range (Pneumatic Shooting Range)

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SSI’s Reactive Range is a computer controlled pneumatic Target range for live-fire training.  The system uses compressed air to raise and lower AR500 steel head-plate targets.  The system is controlled using a control room computer and an industrial control system.  The system detects live-fire hits using the same hit-sensing technology that is used on the RIAB system.  The system gives Range Supervisors great flexibility in training by allowing them to change the position, timing and other training aspects very quickly.

System Features:

Target positions can be moved up and down the lane, shifted left or right, and raised or lowered by making fast mechanical adjustments.

Targets can be raised or lowered using hit counts (example:  lower target #7 after 3 bullet hits).

Targets can be raised or lowered using timers (example: raise target #12 after 6 seconds).

Targets can be triggered by other targets (example:  raise target #9 when target #3 is killed).

Quick “Random” feature allows users to train with targets randomly popping up and down.

Hit count data is collected and stored for scoring and grading purposes.

Training scenarios can be programmed by the operator at a user panel, or by the Range Supervisor at the control computer.

The system is easy to maintain with off-the-shelf components used throughout.