The RIAB® Target System

The patented RIAB® Target System meets the flexibility needs of today’s military by combining the advantages of WiFi technology and smart software with lightweight and mobile components. This system can be easily set up on site as a stand alone, integrated with enhancements such as shoot back devices, audio, lighting and motion sensors or in conjunction with urban training facilities.






“Off the Shelf ” products are also incorporated to provide minimum cost and replacement efficiency. The fully enclosed charging trailer [seen here at right] houses storage compartments for: (24) – TLDs (w/ silhouettes and hardware), (3) – AP Router Antennas , (1) Handheld Mil-spec Ruggedized PC, and storage for accessories like the Shootback Devices, Cameras, etc.


Accessories for the RIAB system can be found at this link: RIAB Accessories


A “HowTo” Section for the RIAB system can be found at this link: How RIAB Works


SSI also offers the “big brother” to the TLD in the “HLD” [SAT] seen here: This Industry leading Heavy lifter can raise up to a T-72 Full flank (3/4″ plywood) silhouette, in 4 seconds ………wirelessly

Have  a RANGE anywhere.